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Problem on Sexual Harassment Free Essays

Lewd behavior is perhaps the most serious issue confronting our schools and organizations today. Seven days once in a while passes by without a token of the inescapability of inappropriate behavior as a social issue. Lewd behavior is a developing issue in the administration organizations, schools, and the companies of the world; be that as it may, numerous partnerships are currently embracing new enemy of badgering arrangements. We will compose a custom article test on Issue on Sexual Harassment or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now (Conta) The meaning of lewd behavior is any undesirable or improper sexual consideration. That incorporates contacting, looks, remarks, or signals. A key piece of inappropriate behavior is that it is uneven and undesirable. There is an incredible distinction between sexual arassment and sentiment or fellowship, since those are common sentiments of two individuals. Regularly inappropriate behavior causes the casualty to feel liable, yet it is significant for the casualty to recall that it isn't their deficiency, the issue lies absolutely on the individual who is the harasser. Ordinarily dread is associated with lewd behavior since it isn’t about physical fascination, it’s about force. Indeed, numerous lewd behavior occurrences happen when one individual is in a place of control over the other; or when a lady has an untraditional activity, for example, a cop, assembly line laborer, business official, or ny other customarily male employment. Average survivors of provocation are youthful, single, school taught, individuals from a minority racial or ethnic gathering (if male), in a student position (or office/administrative positions if male), or have a prompt administrator of the inverse Presently, it is hard for courts and others to choose when inappropriate behavior has occurred in light of the fact that the meaning of lewd behavior is excessively expansive. Clearing up the legitimate meaning of lewd behavior would dishearten and rebuff harassers and carry solace to the people in question. Here are a few focuses to recollect in choosing hen lewd behavior happens: Sexual provocation is uneven and * It is about force and not fascination. * Subtle sexual conduct is once in a while socially satisfactory, however some would think of it as hostile and need it halted. * Moderate sexual conduct isn't socially worthy, sensible * Severe sexual conduct is rarely adequate. (Swisher 28) Sexual provocation is a significant issue in state funded schools, schools, and colleges. Overviews on school grounds show the quantity of respondents answering to have been explicitly bothered going from 40-70 percent. Just two percent of grounds provocation ases include a teacher requesting sex as an end-result of a passing mark. Most cases include male and female understudies. In government funded schools current lewd behavior definitions are improper, since terrible sexual conduct of today’s kids isn’t inappropriate behavior, however it is an impression of the obscene, vicious, and the explicitly express nature of our media and culture. At the point when minimal six-year-old kids get suspended from school for kissing young ladies on the cheek, it's anything but a case of lewd behavior yet of political Sexual badgering is as yet a major issue in schools and each school area in Washington presently has an antiharassment strategy. Middle school or center school has the most serious issue with inappropriate behavior essentially as a result of their adolescence and crazy hormones†. Says Viki Simmons of the YWCA. â€Å"Many times in secondary school, understudies don’t ponder it when badgering occurs, yet schools are presently taking action against it†. Simmons meet) In the business world bosses are presently on notice that inappropriate behavior will never again be endured in the working environment. Cases brought against supposed harassers incorporate unjust end, intrusion of security, infringement of fair treatment and free discourse rights, efamation, and purposeful curse of enthusiastic pain. Inappropriate behavior normally happens to ladies in low-paying occupations, or ladies that must have work so as to help themselves and kids. On the off chance that lewd behavior occurs at work, record a point by point depiction of what occurred, with the goal that it is very much recorded and you don’t need to recollect the occurrence. You should keep a scratch pad convenient for this reason, or compose it on a napkin to help you * What really occurred and what the guilty party said Another approach to do this is to compose a letter to the harasser. Make certain to keep a duplicate. Tell the individual obviously in the letter that his conduct toward you is undesirable. Tell the individual that he will be accounted for if the conduct doesn’t stop (Kolbert). As indicated by the examination bunch Catalyst, late examinations have discovered that 40 percent to 60 percent of lady state they have been bugged at some point in their Employers have an obligation to research charges of inappropriate behavior, and their workers have a genuine enthusiasm for realizing what exercises could bring about their end. Ever more clear meanings of inappropriate behavior are being actualized by an ever increasing number of companies around the nation. As this occurs, a ncreasing number of organizations are scanning for better approaches for ensuring themselves against claims, embracing their own enemy of badgering strategies to battle this developing issue. CEO’s ought to do an assortment of things to stop lewd behavior in the work place. The most significant thing is senior administration makes it understood to laborers that provocation in any structure won’t be endured. On the off chance that top supervisors don’ pay attention to the issues, representatives won’t either. Chiefs should likewise comprehend they are answerable for their Companies need an unequivocal composed strategy on inappropriate behavior that is generally accessible in the working environment. Most specialists encourage organizations to accomplish something other than post the strategy on notice sheets. They ought to circulate it far reaching, over and over. Duplicates ought to be remembered for new worker direction bundles. Workers ought to have away from of what lewd behavior is Many organizations are presently offering representative instructional courses on inappropriate behavior, and many state that subsequent preparing is a smart thought. Preparing projects ought to incorporate all workers, as opposed to simply directors. The tone ought to be sexually unbiased and maintain a strategic distance from substantial conversations on male provocation that may cause some disdain among the male workers. Ordinarily programs aren’t compelling on the grounds that they invest a ton of energy simply assaulting men and not the wrongdoing. Organizations need a decent framework to manage objections. An unmistakable procedure for taking care of grievances shows that an organization pays attention to them. Until 1991 it was more earnestly for lady to make claims of inappropriate behavior, since lady felt like there was no way around it. Be that as it may, the profoundly advertised hearings of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill in 1991 made a huge difference. Throughout the fall of 1991, the subject of lewd behavior got news features. Everybody started talking about this issue and movements ran high. Judge Clarence Thomas was assigned to be a Supreme Court Justice, which is America’s most elevated court, and Supreme Court Justices have their employments forever. They can't be terminated. Before an individual can be made a Justice, the person must be addressed and Judge Thomas was ounce the leader of a U. S. organization called the EEOC. The EEOC ensures everybody is dealt with reasonably while going after a position. It additionally implements laws against lewd behavior. Anita Hill is a law educator who worked with Judge Thomas at the EEOC numerous years back. Half a month into the Congressional Questioning she came orward and blamed Thomas for lewd behavior. She asserted that he used to continually approach her for dates and addressed her about explicit movies he had seen. Anita Hill said that she was profoundly outraged by these comments yet felt that she was unable to grumble. Clarence Thomas was her chief, and she felt that her profession could be Anita Hill was a truly reasonable observer. Be that as it may, Judge Thomas denied her charges in the most grounded potential terms. Who was coming clean? The nation was partitioned. In any case, the issue was being examined all over the place. Ladies from all over the country recounted their encounters with inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, numerous men conceded being Finally, the senate casted a ballot to support Judge Thomas. However, the vote was close. Numerous legislators had questions about Thomas’s character. Others didn't the, Thomas’s vocation ought to be decimated in view of one person’s story. They said there was insufficient proof to demonstrate there was bad behavior. At long last, everybody concurred that inappropriate behavior is a difficult issue everybody must turn out to be increasingly touchy It’s imperative to realize that men experience difficulty as well. Ladies are not by any means the only survivors of lewd behavior. An ever increasing number of men are being bugged in the work environment, study halls, and storage spaces. Whoever is in the situation of intensity will in general be the harasser. Men can be casualties of both lady and other men Sexual badgering is extremely wide spread, yet there are methods of maintaining a strategic distance from it, for example, Keeping everything carefully on a business level. On the off chance that working in a similar room as the harasser, make an obstruction between the two work stations with a work area or file organizer, and so forth. Try not to request individual favors or uncommon treatment from the harasser with the goal that he won’t feel he is owed anything. Try not to discuss anything individual. Inappropriate behavior is never right. Nobody merits it. What's more, it is consistently pernicious to the person in question. The most effective method to refer to Problem on Sexual Harassment, Essay models

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The strategic life of Howard Hughes Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The vital existence of Howard Hughes - Case Study Example vidual who was prepared to hazard his value on imagination and advancements and had recognizable endeavors and aptitudes of making and testing new thoughts (Frehner and Waldron, 2004). The life of Howard Hughes implies precise techniques put into utilization to accomplish his own arrangements and achievement. He is a notable person who could use the accessible explicit assets to accomplish transient objectives focusing on a characterized mission. What's more, this individual utilized an interesting strategy for responsibility in any activity taken either without anyone else or for his benefit. Howard had unsatisfied hunger for information. He used hands-on strategy as an administration style to move and rouse his group (Higham, 2011). The immense inclination to separate individual and business life in spite of normal hardships was likewise another purpose for Howard’s achievement. He stayed committed and concentrated on transient objective accomplishment with a careful strategic a drawn out objective. Howards individual systems include a few exercises used to give an upper hand in advancement and business enterprise. To fortify his money related solidness and intensity, Howard Hughes was acceptable in conquering his shortcoming and profiting by his qualities. In his life as a business visionary and an effective businessman, Howard never settled on his objectives. It is significant that as a business person and individual ought to see all the stages and objectives required for progress. His life loaded with battles demonstrates that never diverted him from accomplishing individual dreams. Remaining centered to the set objectives is one of the crucial methodologies for business entertainers (Frehner and Waldron, 2004). The methodology of acquiring the best representatives is one of Howard’s insider facts behind his prosperity. He utilized individuals whom he could trust and have an incredible fortune in them. The mystery behind being hands on is a system utilized by Howard. He was enormously appreciated by his laborers as an ideal group pioneer who had bit by bit contribution in his ventures.

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New International Blog About Writing Centers Richmond Writing

New International Blog About Writing Centers Richmond Writing Im really pleased to announce Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders, a new publication by Writing Lab Newsletter. It gives me great pleasure personally and professionally to collaborate with editors Muriel Harris and Alan Benson in working on the first postings for the blog. Some veteran colleagues such as Carl Glover have already posted their ideas. Our focus, at the blog and a new column in WLN, will be international collaboration. The need is there, as writing-center initiatives are cropping up globally, often taking shape in culturally appropriate ways for their home nations. My own first post focuses on how technology from a center builds ethos and influence on campus. One shoe cannot fit every foot, and as I learned in 2013 at the Conference for The European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing, best practices vary widely and the US model of peer-tutor work is far from universal. Using the new blog and column, we directors, tutors, writing consultants, peer mentors, and those doing similar work plan to share resources, stories from our centers, and advice to help our writers and each other.

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Antonio Gramsci - Biography and Intellectual Contributions

Antonio Gramsci was an Italian journalist and activist who is known and celebrated for highlighting and developing the roles of culture and education within Marxs theories of economy, politics, and class. Born in 1891, he died at just 46 years of age as a consequence of serious health problems he developed while imprisoned by the fascist Italian government. Gramscis most widely read and notable works, and those that influenced social theory were written while he was imprisoned and published posthumously as  The Prison Notebooks. Today, Gramsci is considered a foundational theorist for the sociology of culture, and for articulating the important connections between culture, the state, the economy, and power relations. Gramsci’s theoretical contributions spurred the development of the field of cultural studies, and in particular, the field’s attention to the cultural and political significance of mass media. Gramscis Childhood and Early Life Antonio Gramsci was born on the island of Sardinia in 1891. He grew up in poverty amongst the peasants of the island, and his experience of the class differences between mainland Italians and Sardinians and the negative treatment of peasant Sardinians by mainlanders shaped his intellectual and political thought deeply. In 1911, Gramsci left Sardinia to study at the University of Turin in northern Italy and lived there as the city was industrialized. He spent his time in Turin amongst socialists, Sardinian immigrants, and workers recruited from poor regions to staff the urban factories. He joined the Italian Socialist Party in 1913. Gramsci  did not complete formal education, but was trained at the University as a Hegelian Marxist, and studied intensively the interpretation of Karl Marx’s theory as a â€Å"philosophy of praxis† under Antonio Labriola. This Marxist approach focused on the development of class consciousness and liberation of the working class through the process of struggle. Gramsci as Journalist, Socialist Activist, Political Prisoner After he left school, Gramsci wrote for socialist newspapers  and rose in the ranks of Socialist party. He and the Italian socialists became affiliated with Vladimir Lenin and the international communist organization known as the Third International. During this time of political activism, Gramsci advocated for workers’ councils and labor strikes as methods of taking control of the means of production, otherwise controlled by wealthy capitalists  to the detriment of the laboring classes. Ultimately, he helped found the Italian Communist Party to mobilize workers for their rights. Gramsci traveled to Vienna in 1923, where he met Georg  Lukà ¡cs, a prominent Hungarian Marxist thinker, and other Marxist and communist intellectuals and activists who would shape his intellectual work. In 1926, Gramsci, then the head of the Italian Communist Party, was imprisoned in Rome by Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime during its aggressive campaign of stamping out opposition politics. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison but was released in 1934 because of his very poor health. The bulk of his intellectual legacy was written in prison, and is known as â€Å"The Prison Notebooks.† Gramsci died in Rome in 1937, just three years after his release from prison. Gramscis Contributions to Marxist Theory Gramsci’s key intellectual contribution to Marxist theory  is his elaboration of the social function of culture  and its relationship to politics and the economic system. While Marx discussed only briefly these issues in his writing, Gramsci drew on Marx’s theoretical foundation to elaborate the important role of political strategy in challenging the dominant relations of society, and the role of the state in regulating social life and maintaining the conditions necessary for capitalism. He thus focused on understanding how culture and politics might inhibit or spur revolutionary change, which is to say, he focused on the political and cultural elements of power and domination (in addition to and in conjunction with the economic element). As such, Gramsci’s work is a response to the false prediction of Marx’s theory that revolution was inevitable, given the contradictions inherent in the system of capitalist production. In his theory, Gramsci viewed the state as an instrument of domination that represents the interests of capital and of the ruling class. He developed the concept of cultural hegemony to explain how the state accomplishes  this, arguing that domination is achieved in large part by  a dominant ideology expressed through social institutions that socialize people to consent to the rule of the dominant group. He reasoned that hegemonic beliefs dampen critical thought, and are thus barriers to revolution. Gramsci viewed the educational institution as one of the fundamental elements of cultural hegemony in modern Western society  and elaborated on this in essays titled â€Å"The Intellectuals†Ã‚  and â€Å"On Education.† Though influenced by Marxist thought, Gramsci’s body of work advocated for a multi-faceted  and more long-term revolution than that envisioned by Marx. He advocated for the cultivation of â€Å"organic intellectuals† from all classes and walks of life, who would understand and reflect the world views of a diversity of people. He critiqued the role of â€Å"traditional intellectuals,† whose work reflected the worldview of the ruling class, and thus facilitated cultural hegemony. Additionally, he advocated for a â€Å"war of position† in which oppressed peoples would work to disrupt hegemonic forces in the realm of politics and culture, while a simultaneous overthrow of power, a â€Å"war of maneuver,† was carried out.

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Persuasive Speech On English Language - 806 Words

Ever since the dawn of mankind, some form of language has been used to communicate with one another. Language and the ability to speak to one another to get things done is what I believe makes humankind the most sophisticated species on the planet. However, over the last few hundred years, one language in particular has become one of the most universally taught subjects: English. With several hundred, or maybe even thousands of languages being spoken by nearly seven billion people today, English has become the method of communication across several different countries and cultures. If, for example, English wasn’t adopted as a globally respected language, then it would make communicating with other cultures very difficult. Don’t get me†¦show more content†¦Whether we are trying to communicate across several countries or simplifying documents and dialects locally, there needs to be some form of legislation when it comes to language, and I believe instilling a glo bal language can help us achieve all of the above. Both my mother’s and my father’s side of the family migrated from Cuba to Miami in the late 50’s, early 60’s. When I was born my parents had to work during the day, so my grandmother, Aba, used to always take care of me, and since she migrated from Cuba, she mainly spoke Spanish with knowledge in only a few English words. When Aba passed away in 2001, I went to a family friend who also prominently spoke Spanish. Today, at the age of 18, I can proudly say that those five first years of life did not prepare me enough for Spanish, since I am mostly an English-bred Hispanic. Sure, I can start a simple conversation and maybe talk Spanish for a little, but overall, I am known as the family â€Å"gringo,† which is a harsh way of saying I can’t speak Spanish. This hasn’t just happened to me. Phillip M. Carter, a professor of linguistics at the FIU Department of English, has found that Miami i s undergoing what is known as a â€Å"language shift.† The shift means that Miami is becoming less in touch with its Spanish-speaking roots and is turning to more English-based communication. Carter’s own research indicates that â€Å"Miami-born Latinos evenShow MoreRelatedUse And Manipulation Of The English Language1394 Words   |  6 Pages The proper use and manipulation of the English language, skills so difficult to learn, reap a great deal of power when mastered. As hyperbolic as it sounds, being able to use and manipulate the English language properly into our writing and speaking can be very influential in advocating ideas towards a community. â€Å"As a speaker, you have some influence on the extent to which others see you as having authority† (Fontaine and Smith 13). To gain authority over an audience, one must write and speak withRead MoreThe Power Of A Word Is Humongous1247 Words   |  5 Pagesknow how to use this weapon to make the world a bette r place. Persuasive writing is a form of writing the main purpose of which is to persuade readers that the writer’s opinion is correct. But how can you convince anybody through writing? What are the components of the persuasive writing? How is persuasive writing different from verbal persuasion? These are the questions that individuals need to understand in order to succeed in persuasive writing. An ability of human beings to convinceRead MoreSheryl Sandberg Commencement Speech1471 Words   |  6 PagesPersuasive language is used throughout any great speeches to keep the audience most interested and to, ultimately, convince them of one thing or another. Sheryl Sandberg uses persuasive language beautifully to address college graduates on the importance of resilience. By analyzing Sandberg’s commencement address, you can see the smooth usage of the specific types of persuasive language. First, by analyzing the speech for rhetorical figures, and then by seeing the use of electronic eloquence. TheseRead MoreImportance Of Persuasive Writing For Filling Public Office1251 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Every day I come into contact with 165 students. These students represent different races, cultures, lifestyles, languages and walks of life. They have different interests, styles of learning and knowledge they bring to the learning. As their English teacher, I am faced with the task of differentiating for each of my students’ needs. The differentiating that I do begins with identifying standards, determining was to provide the best differentiated instruction, and creatingRead MoreCritical Response Essay Final - I Have a Dream981 Words   |  4 Pagesconventions of a persuasive speech, and for what purpose? ------------------------------------------------- I have chosen the question â€Å"How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose?† I have decided to analyse Martin Luther King’s classic Civil Rights Movement speech â€Å"I have a Dream† and how the structure of the speech creates a persuasive aspect for the audience. This task refers back to Part 1 of the English Language and LiteratureRead MoreComparison Of Emma Watson And Tim Watsons Speech941 Words   |  4 PagesEmma Watson and Tim Collins Analysis and Comparison Essay English Language Assignment In this essay I will be comparing and analysing Emma Watsons ‘Gender Equality is your issue too’ speech, executed on the 20th of September, 2014. Watson had pre-prepared this speech, as it was performed for the HeForShe campaign at the UN Headquarters, in New York. Alongside Tim Collins’ speech to the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment, in Iraq, 2003 – of which was an eve-of-battle rousting and of whichRead MoreRhetorical Analysis of Speeches in to Kill a Mockingbird, Battle of Falkirk, and Brave Heart1270 Words   |  6 PagesWe should study spoken language as it is truly unique and we can see the effect and beauty of spoken language in works of great orators and writers. Spoken language is truly an art, which involves many techniques to perfect and master it. One of the techniques is rhetoric. Rhetoric is the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing. The ancient Greeks first developed public speaking. Under Roman, influence public speak ing developed further. This was heavily under the influence of Cicero andRead MoreAfrican American English ( Aae )1305 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican English (AAE) is commonly referred to as Ebonics, as well as black speech, black vernacular, and several other phrases. According to William Labov, â€Å"This African American Vernacular English shares most of its grammar and vocabulary with other dialects of English. But it is distinct in many ways, and it is more different from Standard English (SE) than any other dialect spoken in continental North America.† (Pullum, 39) AAE is a precious product of a people who mastered a language under theRead MoreKevin Rudd1193 Words   |  5 Pagesparliamentarians and the representatives of the Indigenous community. The 26th Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Michael Rudd who is an English - Irish man, astonishing and surprising the whole of Australian citizens by delivering a speech entitled ‘Sorry’. He received a standing ov ation as he entered the hall before he delivered his remarkable speech. His speech is an official apology on behalf of the Australian government to the Aboriginals, but in particular it is directed to the stolen generationRead MoreAnalysis of William Faulkners Nobel Prrize of Literarure Speech1012 Words   |  5 PagesMrs. Parham English III AP 1st block 4 February 2013 Analysis of William Faulkner’s Noble Prize of Literature Acceptance Speech William Faulkner was an often misunderstood writer of many novels and short stories. (William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech ) It was not until 1949 and after his death when he was given the Nobel Prize in Literature that people began to acknowledge him and his works. (William Faulkner) In his Nobel Prize of Literature acceptance speech, at the city hall

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Symbolism in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ Free Essays

Symbolism in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ Definition: A symbol is something that is itself as well as something else. In literature it means literal or objective sense coupled with abstract meaning. Symbolism refers to serious and extensive use of symbols in a work of literature. We will write a custom essay sample on Symbolism in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ or any similar topic only for you Order Now Symbolism in Lord of the Flies: The novel is rich in symbolism. A host of different interpretations of the novel’s symbolism – political, psychological and religious – exists. We will look at some of the prominent symbols employed by Golding and try harmonizing the different interpretations. Since symbolism is an evocative device to communicate the theme of a literary piece, we must first agree on the theme of Lord of the Flies. Theme: Evil inherent in man seems to be the central idea of the novel. It may recall the Christian notion of the ‘original sin’ or the idea of the failure of civilization as seen during the Nazi Holocaust or a general pessimistic view of human nature. It may be all the three combined. A group of boys aged 6 to 12 find themselves alone on an island, without adult supervision. At first they try to organize themselves on the pattern of the civilized world they have known. The attempt fails and most of them regress into savagery and animal existence. The novel was deliberately patterned on the children’s classic ‘The Coral Island’ by R. M. Ballantyne. Only, it turns Ballantyne’s theme on its head. Whereas Ballantyne made the children’s isolation on the island a pleasant interlude in a continued life of civilized existence, Golding shows how thin the veneer of civilization really is and how the animal nature of man breaks through in just a few weeks. It is not so much moral judgment as recognition of the essential tragedy of mankind – its intellectual and spiritual nature losing out to its animal nature again and again. Important Symbols: 1. The Scar: The novel starts with the mention of a scar in the jungle. We learn (or rather, surmise) later that it is a swath cut by the falling ‘passenger tube’ in which the children were travelling. The word scar appears in the text without this preliminary information and serves to create atmosphere. The metaphor prepares us for the horrible things to come. In itself it is also the symbol of man’s disruptive influence on his world. 2. The Conch: It makes its appearance as an accidental find of Ralph and Piggy on the beach. It soon assumes importance as Ralph, on Piggy’s advice, blows it to gather the survivors. Ralph is elected leader of the group mainly because he was the one in possession of the conch. From here onwards the conch becomes a symbol of law and order. At meetings the speaker has to hold it in his hands. It gives him the privilege of being heard uninterrupted. Order starts breaking down in the fifth chapter when Jack speaks without holding it. Later, breakdown of order is signalled by Jack snatching it from Ralph in the eighth chapter. In the tenth chapter Jack raids the shelter occupied by Ralph and Piggy to rob Piggy of his glasses. But he does not bother to take the conch away. It is no longer important. In the eleventh chapter the conch is destroyed, symbolizing the complete rout of order at the hands of chaos. 3. The Man with the Megaphone (Grown-ups): When Piggy meets Ralph, his first question is, â€Å"Where is the man with the megaphone? A few pages later the question is repeated by Jack, â€Å"Where is the man with the trumpet? † This, we can assume, was the man in charge of the boys in the aeroplane He stands for authority and control which has suddenly been removed by the crash. A grown-up appears again only at the end in the form of the naval officer who saves the life of Ralph without realizing the fact and brings an e nd to the chaos. But conversely, the adult is the cause of the boys being there in the first place. The war raging outside is nothing but the conflict on the island on a much grander scale. The appearance of the naval officer at close suggests that civilization has been given another chance, despite the bleak outlook. 4. Beast from Air: In the sixth chapter another adult appears on the scene – a dead parachutist. He has apparently evacuated himself from a warplane that has been hit. The man crashes to his death at the top of the hill on the island. He, with his parachute, is taken to be a mysterious supernatural beast by the boys among whom the talk of a snake-like beast of the jungle is already rampant. The dead parachutist is not, however, just an extension of the ghost metaphor. He also represents the historical past intruding on the scene and influencing it in a profound manner. For the boys the historical past is the war they left behind. For humanity it would be the past of man as an insidious influence in his present. 5. The Beast – Lord of the Flies: The title of the novel is itself symbolic. The phrase is a literal translation of the Hebrew ‘Beelzebub’, one of the demons named after a philistine god. Later the term was often used in Christianity as a name for the Devil. The metaphor is one of regression (in its original sense of paganism) and evil (in its later meaning of the Devil). In the novel one of the younger boys, who is referred to as ‘the boy with the birthmark on his face’, tells the others about having seen a snake-like beast on the trees. Though Ralph tries to allay their fears as unfounded, the belief in the beast persists. It is strengthened by the unexplained disappearance of the boy with the birthmark. It is reinforced by the ‘beast from air’ mentioned above, so mush so that even Ralph and Piggy start entertaining the possibility of a beast. Jack, half believing himself, uses the fear cleverly to keep his followers under control. He makes the ritual sacrifice of a wild sow to the beast and lets the head of the animal hang on a stick, ostensibly to appease the beast. Only Simon does not believe in the existence of a beast. In his wanderings in the forest he comes across the head of the sow and the entrails of the animal which have attracted a lot of flies by now. He has a hallucination in which the head appears to him as lord of the flies and speaks to him. The symbolism of the beast is also stated in this imaginary conversation in so many words, as follows: â€Å"You knew, didn’t you? I am part of you?†¦ I am the reason why it’s no go? Why things are what they are? † The beast is within man, not without. It is the darkness in men’s hearts. It is their primitive nature, hidden behind a thin layer of civilization. 6. The Signal Fire and the Shelters on the Beach: The signal fire and the shelters symbolize ordered society, civilization and hope. They are contrasted with the barbaric and blood-thirsty hunts. The signal fire is Ralph’s idea. He believes that the children will be rescued soon and therefore there should be a smoke signal going all the time for a passing ship to spot. Piggy, who is more of a realist, realizes that those who were expected to know about the children are all dead and it may be a long time before rescue comes. So he suggests the building of shelters. Though both symbols together stand for civilization against barbarism, there is this subtle difference between them, arising as they do from their originators’ differing perceptions of the situation. 7. The Hunts and Mock Hunts: Together with painted faces and long hair the hunts and mock hunts symbolize regression into primitive savagery. The hunters not only seem to have lost all hope of returning to civilization, but they seem to actually enjoy the prospect and neglect to keep the signal fire burning. The hunts can be interpreted as symbolizing the boys’ primal urges or even anarchy. Soon after the hunts start, they cease to be a necessary activity aimed at gathering food. The lust for blood becomes more important. Ceremonies and chants invented by the hunters similarly denote regression. The mock hunts of Chapters 4 and 7 are manifestations of regression too. The mock hunts serve another purpose. In Chapter 4 the mock hunt is a mild affair, performed largely for fun. In the seventh chapter it turns into a violent affair in which the boy playing the hunted animal suffers injuries. Thus the mock hunts define the regression of the hunters as civilized humans. The scene in Chapter 7 also shows the good and sensible Ralph feeling the excitement of the mock hunt, thus showing how evil can take hold of any human, unless resisted. 8. Painted Faces and Long Hair: This is the heading of Chapter 4. The degeneration of the boys’ way of life is symbolized by clay-and- charcoal masks and long hair. When concealed by masks, the hunters, especially Ralph, seem to have new personalities as they forget the taboos of society that once restrained them from giving in to their natural urges. When Jack first paints his face to his satisfaction, he suddenly becomes a new, savage person. â€Å"He began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling. He capered toward Bill, and the mask was a thing of its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness†. The feeling of liberation that results from wearing the masks allows many of the boys to participate in the barbaric pig hunts, the savage ceremonies and the mock hunts. 9. The Island: Those who incline towards a religious interpretation of the novel’s symbolism maintain that the island is the symbol for the Garden of Eden, which is touched by original sin on contact with the human race. This interpretation may have some merit. But the symbolism can be equally validly interpreted as the state of nature to which the civilized children have been returned. It provides the setting for the opening up of their fundamental urges. 10. The Characters: The principal characters – Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Jack and Roger – symbolize certain attitudes and qualities. Ralph and Piggy are on the side pf law and order. Jack and Roger represent primitive urges and tyranny. Simon is a mystic who has clearer view of reality than the intellectual Piggy, the sensible Jack or the manipulative Jack. But we have to be careful not to over-emphasize the point. Otherwise the realistic and believable quality of the characters will be compromised. The symbolism lies more in how the characters grow or regress rather than in their basic make-up. Jack’s character is the most significant from this point of view. From the leader of a choir group he regresses into the leader of a violent and primitive group which calls itself a ‘tribe’. The above list of symbols is by no means exhaustive. The novel is replete with metaphors and symbols. Lord of the Flies is called a twentieth century allegory. It is also one of the most carefully crafted novels of the century. In consequence the careful reader can find a symbol on almost every page. s How to cite Symbolism in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’, Papers

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The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is a Essay Example For Students

The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is a Essay story which begins in 19th centuryFrance. The Main character, Edmond Dantes begins the story as a happy man. He haseverything going for him. youre a lucky man, Edmond, and you have a very prettymistress, sir shes not my mistress, sirshes my fiancee. This changes quickly whenDantes is imprisoned. Four people plot against him. The people are Gaspard Caderousse,he wants Dantes imprisoned becauseSecond was Monsieur de Villefort, He wanted to put Dantes into prison because Villefortfound out that Dantes had a letter from the island of Elba, that stated that villefort was aBonapartist. Villefort was afraid that this would ruin him in society. The third person wasMonsieur Danglars. He wanted Dantes imprisoned because Dantes was younger, morecapable, more assured because he was a young man. Last but not least Fernand Mondego(alias the Count De Morcerf.) He wanted Dantes imprisoned because he loved Mercedesand he knew that he couldnt have her. While in prison Dantes gained knowledge from a ma n named Abbe Faria. He alsolearned of a treasure on an Island. But soon Abbe died and Dantes slipped into Abbessack and was thrown into the ocean. Dantes was prepared he had a knife and cut the sackopen and got the cannon ball off his legs and then he swam up to the surface, were therewere huge swells Dantes almost drowned if it wasnt for a man named Jacob and his ship. This ship was a smuggling ship so Daunts began to smuggle. One day they were huntingon an island and Daunts slips off in search for the treasure. But only taking a pocket fullof treasure. He then puts everything back as it was, then he goes back to the ship. Theship sails to Rome where he seeks revenge on Four People Caderousse, Villefort, Dangles,and Fernando. Later on old Madame Saint-Merino And Monsieur Saint-Merino werepoisoned by drinking glasses of orangeade. Then an hour later they died. They both wereburied side by side next to Renee. Then Villefort makes immediate plans for his daughterto marry France dEpina y. But then Villefort find a letter that says that France is secretlyis a Bonapartist. And the Marriage is called off. The reasons for seeking revenge areCaderousse framed Daunts. He never came to Daunts aid when he was imprisoned. TheDaunts escapes from prison and disguises himself as Babe Buskin and learns about theentire nature of Caderousses conspiracy against Daunts. So then Daunts gas two bodyguards France DEpinay and Albert De Mercer. These two are seeking love in Rome. Soone night they stand guard over Daunts house. Caderousse tries to rob Mantiss housebut does not succeed, he is stabbed by one of the body guards. Villefort gets revenge onVillefort by watching Villefort bury Bertuccio alive. But Daunts thinks it is gold so hegoes and digs it up and there is a baby inside. So he raises him up and then daunts goes toVillefort and tells him this is your son and then Bertuccio becomes the main key in thedivine justice and accuses and destroys Villefort forever. Dangles writes a letter assuringDaunts imprisonment. Dangles becomes a very wealthy man by using illegal bankingmethods. The count , however, is more clever, and he gradually goes bankrupt. But hedisappeared and was captured by Luis Vamp, an old friend of Daunts. Daunts stripes 5million francs from his pockets and then was freed. Now he is an old and weak man,worst of all he is a penniless man. Fernando mailed that letter that Dangles wrote puttingDaunts into prison. He was hoping while Daunts was in prison he could marry Mercedes. Fernando became wealthy by betraying a high authority named Ail Pasha, whose daughterhe sold to slavery. When Daunts gains this knowledge he realizes information to thepressthat proves that Morcerf is a traitor. When all this treachery is exposed and his wifeand son run away he kills him self with a gun. 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